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Orifice Flange Assembly
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Orifice Flange Assembly

Orifice Flange Assembly

The use of the orifice flange assembly negates the requirement for further pipe drilling ensuring the quality of the tapping to ISO 5167-2 and minimizing the errors of the system. Although the weld beads and condition of the upstream piping should be considered when assessing the overall accuracy of the flow meter.

The traditional orifice flange assembly consists of a pair of flanges, orifice plate, bolts, nuts, gaskets, jacking screws and plugs, (where requested). The flanges are generally weld neck design. Other options are available such as Slip-on and threaded, although careful consideration should be taken in the location of the orifice tappings with these designs.

Available Tapping options include:

Flange Tap Flanges tappings
  • For internal line sizes greater 50mm

Corner Tap Flanges with annular chamber tappings
  • For internal line sizes under 50mm

Corner Tap Flanges with angle tappings
  • For internal line sizes under 50mm

Solartron ISA is able to provide the most suitable flow measurement solution for each application using proven flow metering technology with Differential Pressure measurement covered in ISO 5167-2, ISO TR-15377, AGA3 and ASME MFC-3M. Improved metering uncertainty as the orifice flange ensures the orifice plate and orifice tappings are compliant to ISO 5167-2, ISO TR-15377, AGA3 and ASME MFC-3M. These devices are low maintenance with no moving parts and considered an economical, cost effective flow measurement solution for many gas, liquid and steam applications.

  • Specifications +

    • Hydrocarbon Gas & Liquids
    • Process Measurement

    Key Parameters
    • Proven Technology
    • Flow Measurement in circular pipes
    • Quality Orifice tappings to ISO 5167-2
    • No moving parts

    Functional Specifications
    Line Size
    DN15 (1/2") to DN1200 (48")
    Types of Plate Square Edge / Conical Entrance / Quarter Circle / Eccentric
    Types of Tappings Flange, Corner (Annular Chamber), Corner
    Beta Ratio 0.15 to 0.80 (Plate type dependent)
    Reynolds Number From 80 to an unlimited maximum (Dependent on design of plate)
    Accuracy (Flow Rate) ±1% with a calibrated spool, Typically ± 2 to 3%
    Flow Turndown Typically >10:1, depending on Transmitter configuration

    Physical Specifications
    Plate / Carrier Material
    304ss / 316ss / 321ss / UNS S31803
    UNS S32760 / UNS S31254
    Alloy 400 / 625 / 825 / C276
    A105N / A350 LF2
    Low Alloy – A182 F1 / F5 / F9 / F11 / F22
    Others available on request

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