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The Design of Aluminium Bolted Flange Connections : 2nd Report, Relationship between Stresses and Bending Flexibility in Integral Hub Flanges
ジャーナル フリー

1986 年 29 巻 249 号 p. 1026-1032


Stress measurements were carried out on aluminium and steel integral raised face flanges with PTFE gasket. Two different sizes of gasket were provided to clarify the effect of the location of gasket load reaction on the stress condition. The stresses measured particularly in the aluminium flange do not increase linearly as gasket seating load increases, because of large deflection of the flange ring. The stresses at hub-flange ring connection are calculated based on the moment arms determined by the analysis developed in Part 1 of the study, assuming the gasket as an elastic body. Thee calculations shows good agreement with the experimental results. The stresses calculated in accordance with the equations specified in the rules can be different from the actual stresses in the flange with large deflection.

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